Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance Instructions

Wheel cleaner – a brake’s best friend?

Wheel cleaner – a brake’s best friend?

The same care must be taken when handling wheel cleaner as with all cleaning agents. Contact with the brake disc and brake system will be prevented if applied sparingly and precisely.

The substances contained in these cleaning agents can cause damage to the brake system, affect braking efficiency and lead to permanent loss of comfort.


Dose this product with care. Less is sometimes more.

Use wheel cleaners that can be applied with a brush or sponge. Aerosols have too great a spread.

If wheel cleaning agent gets onto the brake disc, it must be thoroughly rinsed off with a jet of cold water. The brake disc can be cleaned by braking repeatedly when driving normally.

The same applies after a visit to the car wash. The car wash should be used immediately after cleaning the wheels.

The concentration of cleaning agent will be diluted by the water and will thus have little affect on braking behavior. Wet brakes usually operate perfectly normally after braking only a few times