Technical Information

Technical Information

Safety Part Brake Friction Product

Brake friction products are structural components of a brake. They already play a role as factor μ (friction coefficient) in the calculation of the braking power. The counter material used for the brake friction product is generally grey cast iron, which must fulfil the requirements of the applicable standards.

Brake friction products with differing friction coefficients are available for selection. These behave differently under the relative conditions, depending upon the material (e.g., brake drum temperature, rubbing speed, contact pressures, etc.). The performance of the brake will thus alter with differing friction coefficients.

The axle load and friction coefficient are taken into account when calculating the design of brakes for a passenger car.

In addition to the friction coefficient, the self-reinforcement of the brake is also a decisive factor for the braking performance. The greater the self-reinforcement of a brake, the greater the effect of friction coefficient variations of the brake friction products. Whilst the self-reinforcement of drum brakesvaries depending upon the design, this is an insignificant factor in the case of disc brakes.

Consequently, only tested and approved brake friction products may be fitted!