Technical Information

Technical Information

Marking of the fitting position

Direction of rotation markings:

In circumstances when pads must be fitted in a specific position, the position will be marked with an arrow (printed, engraved or cut out) to indicate the rotational direction of the brake disc. It may also be marked ‘Left/Right’, ‘Piston/Fist’, or ‘Inner/Outer’. If this is this case, it is important to follow the fitting instructions provided in the box, and on Brakebook (within the product information). Failure to follow these instructions may lead to brake comfort problems and/ or system malfunction.

Reasons for the markings:

– The chamfers may be ground differently, or friction material profiles may be different.

– Friction material is ground over the complete length.

– Where the shim features cut-outs, these enable you to displace the pressure point from the piston.

– Some pads in the set have a clip – either asymmetric or handed, identified by the markings.

– Some pads feature an electronic wear indicator. The fitting location is determined by the length of the indicator.

This backing plate is asymmetric.