Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance Instructions

Brake Friction Product Replacement

Brake friction products are always replaced axle-wise, i.e. the brake friction products on the left- and right-hand caliper are replaced at the same time. If not, there is a risk that the vehicle will not brake uniformly (e.g. brake pull).

However, only “type-approved” brake friction products must be used, as these were specifically selected for the vehicle and tested under extreme conditions. This will ensure that the required friction coefficient level and comfort behavior is available under all operating conditions.

Brake friction product replacement is different for the various brake calipers as described in part earlier. The wide variety of fist caliper brakes requires strict adherence to instructions given in garage manuals and fitting instructions.

The manuals specify the dismantling sequence of parts to be removed, the tightening torque values for screws and the other parts to be replaced in addition to the linings.

It is recommended to always have brake friction products replaced at specialist garages.

Important: The brake friction products must be replaced at the latest, when the friction material has reached the minimum thickness of 2 mm.