Fault assessment of brake discs

Fault assessment of brake discs

Brake discs are scored

Score marks on the friction ring surface can have various causes:

  • unsuitable friction material of the brake pads
  • severe soiling of the brake discs or pads
  • corrosion
  • overloading of the brake system
  • unsuitably soft brake disc material

Scoring can have a wide range of structures, from very fine to very coarse, which makes it difficult to define clear rules about the extent of scoring that is still acceptable. In general, an experienced mechanic can usually judge whether or not a scored disc needs to be replaced or reworked. Up to a point, scoring does not affect then braking effect, but if the brake pads are replaced, the discs have to also be replaced or reworked.

Scored Brake Disc

Brake disc with score marks

Cause: Soiling, overload, unsuitable disc and/or brake pad material